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MWBWG Board Members

*Elected in 2023

Official Midwest Bat Working Group Board Members Announcement for 2020

Thank you to all MWBWG associates who took the time to vote for our new Board Members. Voting was doubled from last year! Your participation with the Midwest Bat Working Group is truly what allows us to continue our conservation mission.

The MWBWG is pleased to announce the election of officers for new terms on the Board.

Full 2-year Term: 1-year Term: Student Representative:
Dr. Allen Kurta Jocelyn Karsk Molly Simonis
Bree McMurray Sara Stankavich  
Joe Johnson    
Lisa Powers    
Marne Titchenell

The by-laws were formulated so that each person on the 12-member Board would serve a 2-year term and that six members would be elected each year. Unfortunately, starting in 2014, errors occurred concerning the length of the terms served by various individuals who replaced members who did not complete his/her term. To correct this imbalance, the student representative and five regular members who received the most votes will serve a standard 2-year term in 2020. The remaining two positions as regular members of the Board will be filled for 1 year only. This should bring us back to six vacant positions every year, starting in 2021. 

We extend a warm welcome to our new and returning Board Members!

MWBWG is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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