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Annual Meeting Committee: to assist annual host with organizing, creating a program, and schedule presentations. 
Members: Tim Carter, Rob Mies, Brianne Walters
Nomination and Election Committee: to announce, collect, and organize nominations and run elections for Board of Directors.
Members: Rob Mies, Jennifer Norris, Allen Kurta
Awards Committee: to announce awards, accept nominations and organize judges.
Members: Kari Kirschbaum, Marne Titchenell, Joe Kath
Bylaw / History Committee: to provide an annual report about the bylaws and keep an accurate history of the working group.
Members: Katrina Schultes, Brian Heeringa
Website Committee: to maintain and improve the website - requires a quarterly report on the state of the website including progress and plans.
Members: Paul White, Brian Heeringa, Megan Martin
Membership Committee: to keep an accurate member list and promote to new membership.
Members: Brianne Walters, Marne Titchenell, Tim Divoll, Joe Kath, Venessa Rojas